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Pool Inspection Service


Dont get Soaked! Protect yourself

Buying a home is a big investment. The Pool is a large part of that cost. Don't go in blind. Have us take a look for you so you will know exactly what your getting into. We will evaluate the Pool & Spa from top to bottom and give you a thorough Pool Inspection Report.  


What's Inspected and evaluated

  • Pools Surface evaluation
  • Pool Equipment evaluation
  • Cost approximations for necessary Repairs
  • Individually Tailored Upgrades per requests including Salt System & Heater installations


Right there for you every step

Having been in the industry for many years we know what Pitfalls to look for. Don't fall victim, let us get our hands dirty and perform a non biased pool inspection that may serve as a basis for a great purchase. Let us take the worry out of it for you.